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Teaching and Practicing Effective Healing in Mind and Body
The Trauma Dynamics model is a highly effective, experiential, body-based, series of interventions designed to resolve the primary causes for which people enter psychotherapy, namely, highly stressful or overwhelming life experiences. Because trauma is a complex phenomenon affecting all of who we are, the skill sets used in Trauma Dynamics are drawn from academic research and information from a number of fields including neuroscience (I.e memory systems, learning theory, Peter Levine’s modeling of the autonomic nervous system) and the best elements of other therapeutic modalities (such as Mindfulness, DBT skill building, attachment theory, family systems and psychodynamic transference work). We have a comprehensive, tested, and reproducible treatment protocol for PTSD that we train students in nationally. The model is used at mental health agencies including University of Colorado Hospital’s CeDAR addiction treatment center as well as being referenced in the MAPS training for future MDMA psychotherapists. We also provide direct therapeutic services to the community and provide clinical services.
Why You Should Consider Our Training
  • Our synthetic model includes the essential therapeutic elements necessary to contact and effectively heal trauma.
  • We address complex, single event and attachment traumas.
  • We give theory but teach experientially through supervised trades, allowing students to get a deep sense of the work for themselves.
  • We support each student’s mastery through a year of supervision.
  • We are mission driven, love our work and truly want to spread the knowledge and support our world desperately needs.

Please visit our resources page for videos and articles describing this powerful method for healing. We hope you join us!

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Level I Course Trauma Dynamics – 2018 TBA

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